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Commonly Needed Double Glazing, Door & Window Repairs in Leeds

With over 35 years of experience in the glazing and home improvement industry, at Leeds Windows we know all there is to know about double glazing repairs, window repairs, door repairs and lock repairs. From replacing rotten frames to fixing lock mechanisms, we find cost effective and long-lasting solutions for our customers in the Leeds area. In this blog post, we’re looking at some of the most common double glazing, door and window problems that require repairs.


Top 4 Reasons for Double Glazing Repairs, Door Repairs and Window Repairs


Broken Hinges


Faulty hinges can be a problem on windows, front doors and back doors. Hinges can deteriorate over time and become damaged or even fall off if not properly maintained. Some of the most noticeable signs to look out for are creaking noises from the hinges when opening and closing a window or door, and window or door frames catching on the bottom creating friction, caused by hinges that have dropped.


Rotting Window Frames


Rot is a common problem with timber window frames and we come across many properties, especially period homes, in Leeds that require timber window repairs due to it. Rot is caused by moisture penetrating the frame for a prolonged period of time. If left untreated, rotten window frames can cause problems with the window structure and allows mould to grow.


Lock Problems


Another issue that effects both new and old homes in Leeds, is faulty door lock mechanisms. Locks are made up of multiple parts and there are numerous reasons for them not be working efficiently, from a simple reason such as the lock being dirty and needing lubrication to a more complex alignment issue where the lock isn’t latching properly. Whatever the reason, our team can provide the appropriate door repairs and lock repairs for any problem.


Double Glazing Misting


One of the most common problems you can encounter with double glazing is misting. This is caused by condensation forming inside of the sealed unit between the two glass panes due to a break in the seal. Even the tiniest hole will allow moisture to enter the unit space and result in misting when temperatures are low. Replacement double glazing repairs may be needed when this occurs.


How We Can Help


At Leeds Windows, our expert team specialises in window repairs, door repairs, double glazing repairs and lock repairs. Should you come across any of the above common problems or require repairs for another reason, do not hesitate to contact us. We cover Leeds and the surrounding Yorkshire area as your local installer and repairer of glazing, doors, windows and conservatories. Should you require replacement windows or doors, we supply a wide range of quality products, take a look at our brochures page for examples.


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