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Leeds Windows is a first-choice supplier of composite doors to customers in our home city and the surrounding West Yorkshire area. Our reputation for the seamless delivery of quality, service and price precedes us, and we know that nothing creates a more lasting impression on our company than the personal recommendations homeowners make to family and friends. Naturally, we want you to be just as happy with your own installation.


Making the decision to replace your current timber or uPVC product with one our composite doors say everything about you as a homeowner. Our installations bring instant benefits to properties in Leeds and West Yorkshire, and change the way others perceive your home.

Immediate benefits from composite doors include:


  • Increased Security
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Less Noise and Disruption
  • No Maintenance Required


When you consider the visual impact of composite doors, it should hardly be a surprise that more and more homeowners in the Leeds area are coming to us for installations. We design products around life in the modern age, and how our customers habitate their properties.


The Product


At Leeds Windows, we build composite doors with an attention to detail unrivalled in our sector. This helps us to maintain the standards our customers expect. We understand that your front door is symbolic of the rest of your home, and representative of you and your family. It says everything about the way you live, and also about your own individuality.


This is why making the right choice of company is so important.


We know that composite doors have to be perfect for each and every customer in a slightly different way because they tell the outside world so much about their personal tastes. Being nearly perfect is never good enough. Your new door will be a permanent feature at your Leeds or West Yorkshire home for many years, so perfection is always our key objective.


Style, Security and Energy


By their very nature, our composite doors have to meet strict quality standards and be robust enough to deliver perfect performance over their lifespans. An installation from Leeds Windows will never crack, split, warp or rot, and won’t require ongoing maintenance. Timber doors require frequent sanding and painting to keep them in good condition. Our customers never need to do anything more than occasionally clean their doors with a cloth.


Composite doors also offer exceptional weather resistance and the best in energy-efficient performance. Ultimately, this reduces the cost of utility bills in your Leeds property.


We also fit the latest high-security hardware and multipoint locks as standard features. Our composite doors afford the most stylish of welcomes for guest and visitors, but present a formidable challenge for potential intruders. Leeds Windows also coordinates door finishes with matching handles, letterboxes and knockers for a perfect installation every time.


Designed for living, we manufacture our composite doors to your personal specification.


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