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Are you currently looking to enhance the exterior of your Leeds or Yorkshire property for added kerb appeal, tighten up security or improve your home’s energy efficiency with new external doors? If you’ve done your research, you’ll know that composite doors perform well in all these areas. When it comes to composite front doors and composite back doors, Leeds Windows is here to help you make an informed purchasing choice.

And, just as importantly, we have the most competitive composite door prices in our region.


Composite doors have become hugely popular and there are many different brands available offering different styles for different budgets. But with so much choice out there, how will you decide which brands of composite front doors or composite back doors to choose?


Composite Doors | Recommendations from Leeds Windows


Leeds Windows has supplied and installed external doors for over 35 years. As a family-run business with many happy customers, we take pride in the trust we’ve built with customers over that time. Our experience means we have already worked through all major composite door manufacturers and handpicked the ones we think produce the best products while catering for each budget level with their composite door prices.


With this in mind, we are proud to recommend the Bowater and Door-Stop ranges of composite back doors and composite front doors. Leeds Windows believes they offer the best combination of quality and value for all budgets.


Exceptional Thermal Efficiency – Bowater and Door-Stop composite doors provide exceptional thermal efficiency. In real terms, this means that you can enjoy a warmer home with no draughts, lower energy bills and a lower carbon footprint – so they’re good for the environment too! Door-Stop actually calculates and certifies the thermal performance of every door produced.


Durability and Lifetime Costs – Composite Doors from Leeds Windows have a 10-year full manufacturer warranty, although independent research has shown that composite materials can last for over 30 years. Compare this with a softwood door, which lasts only 12 years, and you can immediately see the lower lifetime costs of composite front doors and composite back doors as opposed to timber – and that’s before you take maintenance costs into account.


Pound for pound, composite door prices offer more value to our Leeds and Yorkshire customers over their lifetimes.


Best Combination of Materials – Bowater and Door-Stop composite doors utilise a variety of materials, combined in such a way as to optimise performance and durability. A foam and hardwood inner for thermal efficiency, reinforced by a steel frame for security, has an encased uPVC or glass reinforced plastic (GRP) outer coating to provide a completely waterproof and maintenance-free finish.


Visual Appeal – An added benefit of composite doors is the ability to customise the style, look and colour of the door to any requirements. The Door-Stop brand offers the option for our Leeds customers to design and choose one of 940 billion different colour and style configurations including 13 door colours and 19 frame colours.


Combine composite front doors and composite back doors with gold, chrome, black, white and contemporary hardware, plus various door and frame style options.


High Technical Standards – Bowater is a highly respected brand, known for designing technologically advanced and high specification composite doors. Bowater doors, made onsite entirely from components produced at the brand’s self-sufficient manufacturing facility, are popular at Leeds Windows. Bowater can guarantee the quality and standard of all composite front doors and composite back doors, even down to controlling the exact colour match from their own paint line.


Bowater’s composite door prices are also amongst the fairest in our sector.


Offering both quality and value, Bowater and Door-Stop provide the best solutions for any budget. The performance level of composite doors from Bowater and Door-Stop is far superior to doors made from hardwood, softwood or even uPVC. We believe they are the best composite doors in our market.


To view our full range of composite front doors and composite back doors in person, or to speak to one of our advisors, visit the Leeds Windows’ showroom at 339 Whitehall Road, Leeds. LS12 6JW.


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